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Photo Gallery from the Grissom Band Reunion

From 1971 through 1985, all of the band kids at Grissom got to know either directors Dave Ward or Jim Sparks. Cindy Coker (Trumpet player from class of 1979) and her team pulled together this reunion made up of everyone from these years, and brought us back together with both Sparks and Ward. What dynamics would take place with this wide mixture was anyone's guess, but the end effect was wonderful! We got the chance to catch up with members of the neighboring classes we had gone through band with, as well as meet Dave and Jim face to face again as adults (well, physically).

If this synergy can keep rolling, we should be seeing each other again in either 5 or 10 years. I think more importantly, a couple web sites have now been established to provide a link to band kids we have lost in touch with.

Check out the latest status on the band members at the Grissom Band Reunion website, or the Grissom Band Alumni website. I plan to submit these for an eventual photo CD collection that is being compiled.

At the bottom I threw in a couple bunus shots of Neal Webb from our visit to Epcot Center last year!

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Breakfast at Grissom Cafeteria
Jeff Lapidas, Mark Shrout, Jim Sparks, John McClean,
Dave and Julia Ward.
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Afternoon Concert
Trumpets Dave Ward
These silver trumpets didn't sound too rusty .. just a bit tarnished! How many sign changes in a B-flat scale anyway?
Woodwind Brass Section
Woodwind Section Trombone and Baritone Sections
Sparks Percussion
Jim Sparks at the baton Dave in percussion section. "It is true!
No one brought their Tympani drum."
More Brass Team
Trombone and Frenchhorn Sections Team Effort
Dave/Karen Scott
David Lawrence and Karen Kirkpatrick Kennedy Steve Blanton, Scott McKechnie and Steve Haenisch
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Reunion Dinner Party
Gifts Thanks
Jeff presents a couple of gifts to Dave and Jim. A memorable photo signed by the reunion committee.
Cindy Class of 80
Cindy says a few words of thanks to her committee and attendees. Class of '80
Class of 80
Class of '80 from other side
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Neal Webb at Epcot Center (Bonus Pics from our Florida vacation)
German Band Neal, Yvonne and I
Want to know what our star trumpet
player does for a living?
Breaktime at Epcot
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