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Camel Ad Photo Gallery

I have to laugh at the situation here in Germany. The advertisement campaign for Camel cigarettes was never so good or influential as it is over here. I have taken it on as a hobby to build a photo album of these ads on my website. Seemed like a good thing to entertain everyone. I had a recent windfall of pictures, so this should be a lot of fun for a while. Next to each ad is a translation of the ad's text. I always have my eyes open for new ads. Enjoy, but don't start smoking!!!

Camel Photo 1 There is no replacement for a Camel. Camel Photo 2 Nothing is sexier than lipstick on a Camel.
Camel Photo 3 You can always hang around with a Camel. Camel Photo 4 Already "had" a Camel today?
Camel Photo 5 Don't let your Camel go bad. Camel Photo 6 A Camel always fits in.
Camel Photo 7 Don't throw a burning Camel out the window. Camel Photo 8 Don't sit on your Camels.
Camel Photo 9 It's funny, someone always steals your last Camel. Camel Photo 10 Always have a Camel afterwards.
Camel Photo 11 Nothing is better that the first Camel of the morning. Camel Photo 12 Never light a Camel at a gas station.
Camel Photo 13 Don't let your Camel get wet. Camel Photo 14 Have you packed your Camels?
Camel Photo 15 As soon as you light a Camel the bus arrives. (see the next pic) Camel Photo 25 Here is a snow version of the last pic, to catch the Christmas spirit
Camel Photo 16 Nothing's better than a pair of Camels at night. Camel Photo 17 Don't leave your Camels alone up at the peak.
Camel Photo 18 Don't leave your Camels laying around everywhere. Camel Photo 19 Wow! Still a Camel in the jacket!
Camel Photo 20 Camels are unbeatable. (love those 5 Aces) Camel Photo 21 You never forget your first Camel.
Camel Photo 22 Camels leave prints behind in the snow. Camel Photo 23 Always have a Camel at hand in your car.
Camel Photo 24 Don't forget your Camels in the coat closet. Camel Photo 26 Camels are simply tempting.
Camel Photo 27 Throw me over another Camel. Camel Photo 28 There is another Camel already waiting at home.
Camel Photo 29 Like magic - the last Camel is gone again. Camel Photo 30 Nothing is nicer than a Camel at night.
Camel Photo 31 There is always time for a quick Camel. Camel Photo 32 Don't stick your Camel in the sand.
Camel Photo 33 A Camel comes better without chewing gum. Camel Photo 34 Watch your Camel closely.

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