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Chaosium Books Info Page

Book Cover Book Name Short Synopsis
Mysteries of the Worm Mysteries of the Worm Robert Bloch, now famous in his own right
as gothic horror writer was once a member
of Lovecraft's writing circle. These are the
collected early works concerning the Cthulhu
Cthulhu's Heirs Cthulhu's Heirs Lovecraft's and Derleth's characters live on
in this contemporary work of twelve stories
taking us back to the Lovecraftian landscapes.
Shub-Niggurath Cycle The Shub-Niggurath Cycle Though never actually shown in Lovecraft tales
Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Wood, or
the Goat with a Thousand Young is mentioned in
various spells and rituals. This a collection of
tales created after Lovecraft's death by later
Azathoth Cycle The Azathoth Cycle "Ruler of the outer Gods, Azathoth has existed
since the beginning of the universe, dwelling
beyond normal space and time, where its body writhes
unlessly to the monotonous piping of a flute."
Azathoth has had a central role in stories by
Lovecraft and his followers. This book presents
us with 16 tales about the mad, gibbering god
of chaos and its minions.
Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Cthulhuiana This book compiles the known information
of H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. This includes
the contributions from Robert Bloch, Brian Lumley,
and Stephen King. This includes a examination of the
development of the genre from 1920 to today. Great
book by Dan Harms. Get some of this information at
Dan's Cthulhu Website.
Book of Iod The Book of Iod A friend of young Robert Block, Henry Kuttner (1914-1958)
had an important impact on the Cthulhu Mythos. Although
he is more known for his Fantasy and Sci-Fi, at one
he was submitting plot ideas to Lovecraft. This book
compiles Henry's contributions to the Mythos.
Made in Goatswood Made in Goatswood This is a celebration of Ramsey Campbell.
Some consider him the greatest living writer of horror in
the English language. Although written by 17 different
authors, all are writing with his work in mind. I am not
sure if that means you should get this book, or should
instead go out and buy one of his books that would have
so much impact on these 17 other masters. Your call, I already
have it. One of his stories shows up below in The
Disciples of Cthulhu
Dunwich Cycle The Dunwich Cycle Where the Old Gods Wait.
Dunwich, a fictional New England town far away
in distance and mentality from any metropolis.
Although many of the inhabitants remain ignorant of
the modern world, the ancient horrors long forgotten
have survived in their memories over the centuries.
Disciples of Cthulhu The Disciples of Cthulhu These are all rather new tales adding to Lovecraft's
Mythos. One of the stories, "The Tugging" by Ramsey
Campbell (see Made in Goatswood above) was nominated
for a Nebula Award in 1976. One time out of print is back on the
shelves from my knowledge.
Cthulhu Cycle The Cthulhu Cycle This one may be a bit more challenging to
still find in print. These stories relate directly
to Cthulhu and his black house in the island of R'lyeh.
Included are tales by Lovecraft, Derleth and even Alan
Dean Foster.
Necronomicon The Necronomicon The most single element that Lovecraft brought
to more to life than anything else was his fictional
creation of a book of forbidden knowledge written
by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred. Not only does this
contain many good stories involving this ancient tome,
but also two essays directly on the subject. Ask any
dealer in rare books and they are guaranteed to have had
more than one request from fans convinced that this
book must really exist.
Xothic Legends The Xothic Legend Cycle The collection of Mythos fiction of Lin Carter, famous
for his line of Fantasy Series of the 1970's. These stories
are "revisionist" tributes to Lovecraft and Derleth. Some of
stories were only published in fanzines and are available for
first time on the general market.
Hastur Cycle The Hastur Cycle This book collects all of the important tales concerning
Hastur, or He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named. Included are also
stories including Yuggoth, the Yellow Sign and the Lake of
Hali, creating a chain of dread and terror laying out the
Cthulhu Mythos. Includes stories from Lovecraft, Derleth as
well as Campbell and Carter (see above anthologies).
Nyarlathotep The Nyarlathotep Cycle The mighty messenger of the Outer Gods as well as the
Great Old Ones is the only of the Outer Gods to actually
physically appear on our planet (so far) in a thousand
forms to mock, wreak havoc and spur on mankind's own
self-destructive urges. Included are tow tales each from
Lovecraft, Derleth and Lord Dunsany (see The Complete
Singers of Strange Songs Singers of Strange Songs From the British horror superstar, Brian Lumley,
comes the true roots that lead to his Necroscope
series. These 11 early tales reprint his little-known
work in the Mythos.
Scroll of Thoth The Scroll of Thoth Simon Magus is an occult tradition, actually mentioned
in the Bible as the sorcerous opponent to Peter.
Richard Tierney brings this contemporary of the living
Christ to life, mixing elements of Conan and Cthulhu,
as the reader follows the life of Simon.
Innsmouth The Innsmouth Cycle The Shadow Over Innsmouth is considered one of
the highlights of Lovecraft's career. This book of 11
works delves deaper into the cult of Dagon, and the
government coverup of Innsmouth. The book also
includes Lovecraft's original tale.
Complete Pegana The Complete Pagana Lord Dunsany's dream-like short stories were an important
basis not only for Lovecraft's stories but the entire
mythos as a whole. This book contains the complete Pegana
collections, previously in two volumes. He was considered
one of the true giants of twentieth-century fantasy.
The Antarktos Cycle The Antarktos Cycle Short stories centered around the mythic of old in
the Antartic region. Includes Lovecraft's "At the
Mountains of Madness."
The Yellow Sign The Yellow Sign and Other Stories This book brings together the collection of works by
Robert W. Chambers. He is considered a landmark author
in horror literature for his "King in Yellow" collection.
Some of these tales can be a bit too whimsical and out of
fashion at times, but others are more delicate and durable.
Some of these stories have been out of print for over a century!
The Ithaqua Cycle The Ithaqua Cycle Ithaqua, the Cold Walker in the Waste is deeply rooted
folklore in the frozen north. Whether known as Sasquatch,
the Wendigo and the Wind Walker, his inclusion to the Mythos
may have been strickly a Derleth creation, but the stories are
great. Included authors include Algernon Blackwood, August
Derleth, Brian Lumley and Stephen Mark Rainey.
Nameless Cults Nameless Cults
The Cthulhu Mythos Fiction
of Robert E. Howard
Robert E. Howard is world-renowned for his Conan series
as well recent involvement with the Kull movie. He also frequently
corresponded with Lovecraft and wrote many of his own Mythos
tales. This book collects all of those tales including tales
that made use of Arthur Machen's lore of the Little People including
tales that Howard did not intend as Mythos tales but were later
assimilated into the Mythos.
The Book of Eibon The Book of Eibon This book collects stories of the Book of Eibon, a tome
so ancient that it was originally written in the Hyperborean
tongue of Tsath-Yo, long predating Atlantis. Contents include
the work of Clark Ashton Smith, Lin Carter as well as series
editor Robert Price.
The Disciples of Cthulhu II The Disciples of Cthulhu II As the title suggests, this is a companion book to
"The Disciples of Cthulhu" listed above, with never before
published stories recording the dire fate of people whose
destinies intertwine with the Mythos. Authors include
Robert Weinberg, A. A. Attanasio, C. J. Henderson and
Henry Lee Forest.
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