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Pinball Machines by Data East

Release Date Name Production Run Comments
Aug 87 Lazer War
Mar 88 Secret Service
1988 Torpedo Alley
1988 Time Machine
1989 Monday Night Football
1989 Playboy
1990 Phantom of the Opera
1990 Back To The Futurebased on the movie
1990 Robocopbased on the movie
1990 The Simpsonsbased on the television series
1990 Checkpointfirst Data East dot-matrix game
1991Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesbased on the cartoon
1991Batmanbased on the movie
1991Star Trekbased on the original television series
Feb 92Hookbased on the movie
Apr 92Lethal Weapon 3based on the movie
Dec 92Star Warsbased on the movie
Feb 93Rocky & Bullwinklebased on the cartoon series
1993Jurassic Parkbased on the movie
Sept 93Last Action Herobased on the movie
Dec 93Tales From The Cryptbased on the television series
Feb 94Tommybased on the play
Feb 94WWF Royal Rumble
July 94Guns N Roses
Oct 94MaverickSega bought Data East
pinball during the production

** 1994 SEGA buys Data East.

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