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Photo Gallery from Katy's Reunion Party

First off, I want to thank everyone and thier spouses, kids, ect. for dropping in on Katy and making the final day of the reunion a real treat. Big thanks also to Katy and George for putting the whole thing together with only a few days to do it. I heard lots of compliments on George's grilling skill (could have use the sidewalk in that heat), Mary's deviled eggs, and the Jersey's cheesecake (after it defrosted).

Yeah it has been awhile since the old gang came together, whether from Campus Life or the CB days, but it was really great that we can still do it. On our absentee list, Suzanne was getting geared up for the new school year, teaching in Austin, TX. Wade and Sonsoles just had a baby girl, Alejandra, so it just was not possible to make it. And, guilty of just plain not keeping track of us, Jenny (-Bell) Oliver and I have agreed to do a better job at staying in contact with each other. Sorry guys. Sounds like we have an excuse to get together again.

One more thing; a BIG BIG thanks goes out to Mary for supplying the shot from 1980, and to Katy, Mary and Jimmy for helping me out by getting me some of the pictures you see below. OK, on to the pictures!!
cactus Vintage pic taken live at the apartment of Cactus Man himself. Brian and Mark Binner above, Cactus, me (I really did have hair once), Jenny Bell, Dave J., with Doug laying out with the flashy vest. No clue who the guy in the brown coat is. Thanks for the pic, Mary!!
Woodwinds Another oldie but goodie that Katy dug up with Huntsville High planning their band reunion. You will all, of course, recognize Mira, Katy and Jenny in the middle, but bet you might have trouble remembering Regina Roberts on the left. Katy tells me these were all woodwind players, but don't have an exact date for the picture.
Guys Foto Doug, Dave, Dave, Dave and Brian. Sounds like a major Dave sandwich!
More Guys Jim hidden behind those Ray Bans, me, Dave and Brian. Can't everyone look in the same direction?
Huntsville Gals The gals from Huntsville High : Paula, Katy and Mary.
Kitchen Shot I don't know if anything got stolen, but Paula looks mighty guilty.
Hammock Shot If there was any relaxing, the kids found you. Alyssa and Evelyn pile up on Yvonne.
Lucia Picnic Room
Let me see if there are any I need
for my collection, Preston.
In the picnic room, looks like everyone ate too much.
Lucia/Brian Photo Album
Lucia, Kate, Brian and .. hey how did that monkey get in
front of the camera?
You mean we really were that young once?
Rebecca Dave Squared
Katy, Mary and a surprise visit from Rebecca! OK, one more picture, but then off for some Frisbee action!
Montgomerys Driveway shot 1
Paula, Ellen and Jim. Don't forget your film! OK, who plays frisbee and who wimps out?
Driveway shot 2
Let's all stand in front of Dillan!
Hey that monkey was Alyssa!

And now come the Frisbee action shots! Hug goes to Mary for these.
Jimmy Paula Paula Dave and Dave
The Game
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