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Kinder Eggs Figure Samples

To give the novice an idea about what the whole Surprise Egg thing is all about, here are some samples of the sets that are released in Germany and Italy. Sample pictures of the toys themselves are planned, but for now I think these promotions will give you a the right idea. As I mentioned earlier, I am concentrating on the hand-painted figures only although there are lots of other great toys inside these chocolate eggs.

Another important fact is that the "figure seasons" are from mid-August to December (Fall) and January thru May (Winter/Spring). During most of the Summer, Kinder Eggs are only found in a few department stores with air conditioning, due to the sensitivity of the chocolate to heat.

Mouse set
Cyber mice in Germany are the figures for Fall, 2001.
Vacation Bears set
Vacation Bears set
The Vacation Bears are an altered version of a German set from 1999.
Vampire set
Vampire set
Cute blood suckers? The Vampire collection was the Winter set in Italy for 2001.
Spaceys set
The Spaceys were the Spring series in Germany for 2001. They were available in Italy 2 years ago.
Pinky Piggy set
The Piglets were the Fall 2000 figure here in Germany.
Asterix Figure Set
Asterix figures were in Germany for Spring 2000.
Aqualand set
Aqualand were found in Germany in the Fall of 1997.
Circus Elephant set
Circus Elephants in Germany for Spring 1998, later released in France.
Fox set
Fancy Foxes in Germany for Fall 1998 (naturally associated with crime).
Bavarian Bears on Vacation
Bear Vacation in Germany.
Happy Hippo Wedding
Hippo wedding in Germany for Spring 1999, released in France for 2000.
Chinese Beaver set
Chinese beavers in Italy for Spring 1999. They are were in France, Luxembourg and Belgium in Spring 2000.

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