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Dave's Ultimate LinksLava Lite

Hey, this would not be part of a world wide anything if I did not acknowledge the outside world. So, here are some of my favorite sites for visiting in all of that spare time I have when I am not working on this page! Warning : I occasionally check these links, but if something fails or has changed, I apologize now.

Some of my friends have web pages too!

Steve Siegmann's Homegrown Page
Like kids? Look in on Peyton Paulus
(psssst, Brian, time for some updates! -the monkey gallery)

Ken Alpern's Site (Careful, the truck smells fear!)
Joe & Christine Lustik's Site. Follow them on their 2 year Walkabout.

Fave Music Links

Check out what still stands of my old friends in Huntsville, Sex Clark Five
See the history of the band Yes with the Yes Family Tree
For a morbid music site, check out Dirt Digging for the Morbidly Persuaded to read about interesting deaths of alternative and rock musicians.
Official information for Berlin's biggest dance party : The Love Parade
And for a strange music/art link, check out the Psycotic Pineapple
Into Goth and Industrial? Check out the Industrial/Gothic Music Index

OK, lets just go to bare bones now. Here are some really great and OFFICIAL websites by the artists names:
Bauhaus(an archive, but has links to solo sites too)
Bel Canto/Anneli Dreckler (not official, but best one out there)
Cheap Trick
The Cigar Store Indians
Clan of Xymox
Alice Cooper
The Cranes
The Cure
The Damned
Depeche Mode
De/Vision (in German and English)
Die Happy (in German and English)
Echo and the Bunnymen
Fields of the Nephilim
John Foxx (early Ultravox vocalist)
Guano Apes (broken up but site updated)
Nina Hagen (in German and English)
Billy Idol
Joan Jett
King Crimson's Elephant Talk
Midnight Oil
Bill Nelson
New Model Army
Gary Numan
Alan Parsons
Shonen Knife (unofficial, but good)
Sisters of Mercy
Soft Cell(plus Marc's solo stuff)
Spear of Destiny
TATU (official Russian version)
The Tubes (Flash optional)
Wolfsheim (now in German and English)

Tall Clubs Worldwide

Tall Clubs International
Atlanta Sky-Hi Club
High Cincinnatians Tall Club
KLM - Berlin Club

Lovecraft and Cthulhu Links

H P Lovecraft FAQs
Official Cthulhu Mythos FAQs - Written by Dan Harms .. really informative!
Cthulhu, Where are You? Scooby Doo Mythos Cards!

Pinball Links

Want to see pictures of your favorite machines? Go to Mr. Pinballs Photo Gallery
Hey, I even found a Pinball Dictionary

Hard Rock Cafe and Collectable Links

Traveling and don't know the location of the nearest Hard Rock? Check out the official site.
This great guy has alot of info on pin collecting. Check out the Dutch Uncle.

Just good fun Links

Go to this site to search out your Family Tree
Learn the latest info on the Berlin Marathon
Calculate currency values in other countries at this Universal Currency Converter site
Travelling and need a hotel? Look for a place to stay at the International Hotel Guide
Do you like movies? Check out Movies.Com, put together by Wade Butcher (and little help from his co-workers I assume). This is really a great source for the latest info on upcoming movies.
Pictures made of you by your monitor? Try the Magic Camera
A new one for you cereal enthusiasts .. the Boo-Berry Website
Are you a Redwall enthusiast like me? Check out Brian Jacques' Redwall Website
My latest discovery .. Mark Roger's Samurai Cat Artwork
.. or his biography .. worth the read.
Something for everyone hides in Wierd Nursing Tales. Real accounts of strange things in our hospitals. My fave was the section on Ghost Stories.
Cartoon lovers check out the Scooby Doo Episode Guide.