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Gary Numan Concert

OK. So at the door they did say no cameras, but they did not even do a body check. I hope you guys would have thought of bringing your cameras too. In any case, I am sure you did not see the Gary Numan show that just finished it's stateside appearance, so I thought I would share what I got away with.

Ticket and Pic
I was especially happy to get Gary's guitar pic from the show. Although he was right in our face doing the show, getting his attention and getting this from him just didn't work. So, as a backup plan, I waited until the roadies came out and a nice one looked where I had seen Gary lay it after the enchoir and here it is with my ticket.

The show itself was great! The concentration was clearly on his last two CD's, with several songs from the really old days (Down in the Park, Skin Mechanic, Are Friends Electric?) thrown in for the fans. What was disappointingly missing was essentially everything that fell between "Dance" and "Metal Rhythym," basically all of his mid-80's through mid-90's stuff. I there was any other overall critic from my corner, it was the mixing of the guitars being so high while the keyboards were hardly noticible at times with two keyboardists.
Now, enjoy the pictures!

Numan Numan
Numan Numan
Guitarist Numan & Guitarist
The selection of the band was apparently
not based on looks. His suspenders had fallen to his
knees, but his pants never fell off.
Numan Numan

Stranglers Concert

Just in case you gave me any credit for have the ingenuity of bringing my camera, now I will admit that a couple of Strangler fans gave me the idea after they took these at the show we attended. This bunch came all the way from London, so I guess they just wanted a bit more for their money. Can't blame them there. Anyway, here are a few shots from a great gal named Paula.

Advertisement Advert for the Show
Anyone remember where they ripped this off from?
The best guess so far is a Clash single
Stranglers Stranglers
Current singer, Paul, replaced Hugh Corwall
on vocals 10 years ago.
Longtime keyboardist, Dave
Stranglers Stranglers
Lead guitarist Baz, took up the other half of Hugh's
job in 2000.
Here we are after the show. What a great bunch!
See all of the pictures Paula and Maaika took at this show at their PHOTOGALLERY.

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