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Dave's Family and Friends (and himself) Photo Gallery

OK, I had to start somewhere with the variety of pictures of all my friends, ect., so no one is allowed to feel neglected if their picture is not here. That is meant to be something of a motivation to come here more often and see what I have had time to scan. On to the pictures ...

Alyssa, Dillon and I in the English Garden playground,
Munich. Their parents, David and Barbara Lawrence,
watch nearby to make sure we take turns.
During our trip to Rome in 1999, Yvonne and I met up with the
one man tall club of Italy, and good friend, Rosario.
In the Playground Yvonne and Rosario
How many people does it take to hold up this shaggy horse? Linda and Bonn came to see me off on my day of exile in March, 1998
That Darn Dog Linda and Bonn
Gudrun, Yvonne's Mom thought Timmy needed a new hat. The cat was a hard sell, and just could not find the right match. We finally got all the flowers and balcony furniture in order. With all our work, the only one who has time to enjoy is Schlomi!
Mom and Cat balcony Cat
April was my first Half-Marathon, so here is the proof that I at least showed up at the starting line. While in Chicago, Steve and I posed in the (in)famous Billy Goat Tavern with this local billy goat. He will drop a cigarette his a heartbeat to try to sell you a double burger - "It's the best!"
Dave Half-marathon At Billy Goat's
Tracey escaped Georgia State with a Masters in Computer
Infomation Systems. Way to go, Tracey!!!
Anyone up for some fresh corn?
Tracey Corny Guy
Jeannie and the twins Forrest and Carter ...
or is it Carter and Forrest?
A visit from the Men in White
Jeannie The Boys
They could practically be twins! Check out those stylin' shoes. Finally, a little pinball action with Paula, Mike and Yvonne (taking the picture)
Twins Pinball
Hanging out at the airport in Cincinatti with some great friends at Cheers! "Hollywood" Joe in his roadster .. lookin' good!
Cheers Hollywood
The Marathon Pics!
Getting ready for the starting gun
Joan still hoping to reach cheetah-speed
almost 2 hours later
Joan and Me Cheetah
Still looking good after the first hour We survived to the end!
running finished
Meeting of the Huntsville High Babes for Christmas Suzanne, Katy, Mary and Jenny
Huntsville Babes Closeup

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