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Photo Gallery from the Class Reunion

More Photos coming soon!!

Boy, wasn't it great to have an excuse to get together in one place again after all these years? How many years has it been for some of you to even step foot in Huntsville again? And how many of our classmates have their own houses in the Grissom district with their kids going through the same torture we went through?

Before I jump into the pictures below, sorry we could not get to the Radisson for the first stage of the party. The cancellation of our flight between Frankfurt and Atlanta gave us a pretty big headache to start the trip on. On top of that, our luggage did not find us until Saturday night. Delta was very gracious with a $302 shopping spree to get us throught the reunion, so alls well that ends well I guess.

Several photos below were copied (without permission, sorry) from the Grissom reunion website and I hope to throw a couple of mine their way when the majority that remain in my camera are developed. And a big thanks for Freddy and Mike for putting that together, too!

Night at the Radisson....
Doug/Lucia Brian/Angie
Doug and Lucia Woods : Just think, Kate will be doing this
in only 24 more years!
Brian and Angie Paulus: It's true! The baby is coming in December!
Brian Paulus and Greg Ohmsted
Lunch in the Cafeteria ...
Dave and Jeannie Jersey, Yvonne and I
Try toning the flash down a bit, pal.
Craig Smith talking to Kim (Pemberton) Brooks.
Freddy knows I will steal this photos for my site!
Yvonne's back at the great buffet. Great dress!! Jim and Ellen Montgomery - results are in ..
Jim gives thumbs up for the buffet!
The Jerseys again .. are these guys happy, or what? Barbara and Dave Lawrence ..
"No Dave, just go through the buffet line yourself!"
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