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You gotta like this one. No matter where you are, post your high score to date on your favorite machine. Then wait for someone to trounce it good from their corner of the globe. I request a couple of logical rules. The scores have to be recent and done on machines publicly accessable. When you mail me a score for a new machine, I will add it to my virtual pinball hall along with your name, score, date and general location. I will start this off with a couple here in my neighborhood, to get the silver ball rolling!

NBA Fastbreak


NBA Fastbreak (Bally)
Kai W. on June 4, 2000
at New Ekseption
cafe in Luxembourg
Star Wars


Star Wars (Williams)
Dave N. on September 24, 2000
at Spielotek next to Comics in Berlin


The Simpsons (Data-East)
Dave N. on June 8, 2000
at Comics
in Berlin
Mars Attack


Attack from Mars (Bally)
Dave N. on June 20, 2000
at Spielotek in Berlin
Addams Family


Addams Family (Bally)
Mary R., March, 2002
in Baltimore
High Roller Casino


High Roller Casino (Stern/SEGA)
Dave N. on November 4, 2001
at Spielotek next to Comics in Berlin
(Some guy named ULL will be pissed!)

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