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Statue Climbing Club

Back in 1993, amidst a Tall Club Convention in Boston, the Statue Climbing Club was started. To the best of my memory, part of the idea came when Cecilia and I climbed the bronze FAO Schwarz bear in downtown. The final piece came and Brian Miller and I roamed around downtown Boston, climbing on a couple other historical monuments along the way. Some of the better photos sit in albums in Alabama, but one thing they have no shortage of in Europe is statues. Here are some of the ones I have climbed about on. I hope this inspires you to start your own chapter!.

Bronze Babe Ran into this babe in Speyer, Germany. Interesting place to catch a few rays. Good thing this fountain was turned off! Luther Memorial Monument for Martin Luther and his Diet of Worms in Worms, Germany. One of his followers needed directions.
Eat the Book Obviously a hassle for tourists are the occasional demons that seem to love eating tour books. This little charmer was near the Kaiser Cathedral in Worms. Bismarck Me and Bismarck enjoying the incredible view of Lübeck. I told him some of Hollywood Joe's jokes and he still would not smile. I don't think he liked pigeons.
Brugge1 This statue in Brugge, Belgium was not fastened to the ground very well and when climbing down, I almost made a real monkey of myself. Brugge2 A beautiful fountain and group of statues. Had to wait for a family full of kids to move on so I would not set a bad example
Fountain Climbing a fountain in Wunstorf designed by Yvonne's Grandfather Fountain We found this one outside of a restaurant in Freiberg. Notice the person in the doorway coming to yell at me to get off.
Goats I ran into these goats in the little town of Wunstorf Raggedy Ann FAO Schwarz in Orlando provided me with this huge statue.
Anonymous Kiss
Reading a story to Mr. Anonymous When I chose not to climb this statue, she was very thankful.
Sphinx lion
A well endowed sphinx What is he looking at?
Arany Sword
The soldier needed a little counseling I thought I would get him his sword
Biltmore Lion Gül Baba
One of the lions guarding the Biltmore Castle. Gül Baba, moslem holy man buried in Budapest. His statue was happy to pose for a shot
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