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Dave's Tall Club Photo Gallery

Photos from Bonnies Thanksgiving Party, 2000

Photos from Chicago 2000

Photos from the 2003 Chicago Party!!

Cincy Girls & Me Brian, Yvonne, Rosie and I - Stock Exchange and the Euro Action Amy & Me The Hippy Contention - Mary Ann, Mariana (a friendly ghost from the past) and Linda from Atlanta
Dai & Ted Ted just couldn't resist giving Dai the ol' brrrrrumsky! Lori & Ted Haven't seen Lori since '93 - what a wonderful surprise this was.
Towelboy Ted (aka Towelboy) showing off his trademark to Shelly & Becky 4 in Chicago "Dai, that is a bill, not a love letter!"
Mary Ann & Yvonne Mary Ann not quite through with the hippy movement - don't they look great though? 4 in Chicago Sabine and Anna mixing business with pleasure

Photos from the 2000 Chicago Party!!

Cincy Girls & Me Cat, Debbie and I at the Chicago Weekend 2000 Amy & Me Amy B. and I at the Chicago Weekend
Ann & Me Ann W. and I at the Chicago Weekend. She gave me the news that the Big Apple has been replaced by the Windy City as her home base. Go get 'em Ann Jeanette and Joanne Joanne, Jeanette and I in the lobby after the Chicago Weekend. Jeanette is now both happy and married!
Mary Ann and me Mary Ann made the whole weekend 200% better not only by just being there (that was only the first 199%) but giving me a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies (bottom left). 4 in Chicago Lori, Cat and Heather looking awesome even little ol' me in the middle.

Bonnie's Thanksgiving Party 2000 ... thank you to all of you that were able to be there.

Yvonne, Lou, Kim Kim, Lou and Yvonne
An empty plate and smiling faces!
The Girls Mimi, Mel, Cecilia and Mary.
Still remember that great sweater, Mimi!
Yvonne Pam Yvonne and Pam.
She left Gary at home to babysit (Ok, he was sick too)
Craig Hey Craig, is this a party or kindergarden? We are always happy to see the whole family!
Steve Sarah The best part of the tall club? Easy, we don't need excuses for a good hug! Dave Dave Steve Hey guys, notice how they leave us sitting here in a corner when we talk about computers? Wonder why?

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